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disciplinary procedure

Managing a disciplinary procedure

There are times when employers have concerns or issues regarding an employee’s work and are required to know the correct process when managing a disciplinary procedure.

In order to do this there should be a written disciplinary procedure in place which is accessible to all employees. This should clearly outline what type of behaviour and performance could lead to disciplinary action, the action the employee is likely to take and it should confirm that there will be an opportunity for the employee to provide an explanation.

Once the disciplinary procedure has been clearly defined, the employer is able to follow a pre-destined route which will ensure that managing a disciplinary procedure will be handled correctly and fairly for both parties.

As employment lawyers, we have the experience and the expertise needed to help both employers and employees.

So whether you are an employer requiring assistance with the successful running of your business with regard to:–
• drawing up a disciplinary procedure as a standalone policy or as part of a company handbook
• implementing the procedure and following it fairly
• helping with an appeal that by the employee

or an employee requiring assistance with:-
• preparing for a disciplinary hearing
• exercising your right of appeal against disciplinary action
• instituting legal action for unfair dismissal

we can help.

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