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If you are involved in restructuring your organisation or if there is a reduction in the need for certain kinds of work to be undertaken, do you know how to deal with a redundancy situation safely?

Redundancy is one of the fair reasons for dismissal. This is where there is a reduced requirement for employees to carry out work of a particular kind or where the need for work has ceased or diminished at a particular workplace.

It is vital that the employer carries out a fair procedure to avoid the risk of a tribunal claim. This will include:

• identifying the employees at risk and advising them at an early stage;
• considering the “pool for selection” from which the employees will be chosen to be made redundant;
• drafting fair and objective selection criteria;
• applying the chosen criteria fairly and objectively when identifying the employees that the employer proposes to make redundant;
• consulting with the employees provisionally selected for redundancy;
• considering whether there are any suitable alternative positions available to offer to the employees concerned;
• ensuring that the employees to be dismissed are paid the sums to which they are entitled.

There is also a requirement for collective consultation and notification of the Secretary of State where 20 or more employees are being made redundant within a 90-day period.

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