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Employment law solicitor – working with employers

When you think about getting advice and assistance from an employment law solicitor are you worried about what you may be getting yourself into?  At Anthony Robinson Solicitors we take pride in finding a way to meet all your employment needs whilst providing a cost-effective service.

We are aware that most businesses are looking to find clear and helpful advice that can enable employment issues to be dealt with swiftly and with as little hassle as possible.  We are committed to working with you to identify solutions whilst minimising the risks to your organisation.  We look to provide our clients with all available options and to be imaginative in finding the best way forward.  We are approachable and friendly and seek to ensure that all of our clients feel they have found an trusted employment law solicitor they can rely on.

As an employment law solicitor, it’s our job to assist you in making sure your business can get the most out of your employees by helping you to build an efficient and motivated workforce.  Whether this involves drafting contracts and policies, restructuring your organisation or dealing with issues such as misconduct, underperformance or sickness absence, we aim to ensure that your business can thrive without having to fear the pitfalls of employment legislation.

Anthony Robinson was a successful partner in a city-centre firm who has now moved out of town to enable his clients to know that they are getting a first-class service whilst getting value for money.

At Anthony Robinson Solicitors we have the experience and expertise to give you the reassurance that the employment aspects of your business are in safe hands.  We provide a dedicated personal service and take great satisfaction from building long-term relationships with our clients.

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